Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where are you?

Just thought I would drop a note to let everyone know that we are still alive hehehehe. I haven't been too well and the heat hasn't helped, hence our absence.

Tomorrow morning I head off to the Lyell Mac to finally have the hernia fixed. David and the boys pass on their apologies to everyone as they won't be at practice until I am able to sit in the car and come with them. We will all be back in about 3 weeks. I miss playing and being at band and couldn't imagine them going without me. Thank you Willie for the loan of your electric chanter it is definitely getting a work out.

Anyway have to go get organised.....Miss you all

Love Sue Kempster

Some pictures of Mt Barker Games..

A few of the pictures I took at Mt Barker. I think everyone had a great day. I know Nicola and I did.
Thankyou Isabel for fixing my kilt in time for the day.


News from Townsville

G'day all.

Just so you know I can still play the pipes a bit. Some photos from yesterday's "Blessing of the Fleet" ceremony at the Townsville Motor Boat and Yacht Club.

A beautiful (if a wee bit balmy) day out on the marina. Some of the piccies can attest to the 'balmy' bit; it was around 30 degrees with approximately 70% humidity. Given all that, the pipes sounded ok and the folks ensured that I did not dehydrate!! The band I am in is the Townsville RSL Memorial Pipes and Drums.

Incidentally, there is a strong possibility that I will be posted back to SA before the end of the year. We have our fingers crossed.

Anyway, hope today goes well for the band at the contest.

Cheers for now.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hi All,

Appologies for not letting all know we finally got here, we only just got our Internet up and going.
Well we've kind've settled in, the house is great, the locals are extremely friendly. We're living in a town called Medowie which is an outer suburb of Newcastle, it's pretty much country and a country community, it's fantastic.
Was a bit of a shock to the system on the first day here, we had no mobile phone coverage, our land line didn't work and I could only pick up abc and channel 7 (prime) on the TV. The TV came good 3 days later, we still had no land line for approx. 5 days, and we had to change to another mobile phone provider. So all is well now.
There is school approx. 5 minute walk from the house with a rep. of being the best in the state, which is great news for Lachie.
Speaking of Lachie, he now has his first girlfriend and had his first kiss on Australia Day (my son is growing up sniff, sniff). Tina's best friend daughter Paige is about 3-6months older than Lachie. He has settled as well as be expected, everything is still new of course.

Tina, she is going well, still suffering morning sickness. She has settled in really well, back with her closest friends.....a little mother's club happening. It's great.

As for me, well it's great to be close to my family again, it has been 9 years since I've been near them. It's nice to know that I can just go down to Sydney and back within a day and catch with my family, especially my 94 yr old Grandfather. As for work, well that's pretty exciting for me, a different Aircraft (F/A 18 Hornet), and a different culture up here.

We haven't joined another band as of yet, we've been pretty busy unpacking, catching up with friends and basically just settling in. But we'll probably join City of Newcastle Pipes RSL & Drums, reckon we'll drop in over the next 2 weeks.

Anyway, we're all here safe and sound, and happy. We wish you all the best and good luck at Mt Barker. Also, please pass on our best wishes to Marshall, we wish him a speedy recovery. Our prayers and thoughts are with him.


Andy, Tina and Lachie (chick magnet)