Wednesday, May 6, 2009

News from Dean

Dean sent me this e-mail to post. It's great to hear from past members and see they are still piping.

-Peter W

G'day CEPB!
Was just surfing through the website looking at the Anzac Day pics and thought I'd send something of what I was involved in up here. It's only a link I'm afraid because I don't have direct access to the photos right at this minute.
The day, as with all Anzac Days, started for me at 4 am up for the dawn service in Anzac Park at the end of The Strand here in town. An absolutely beautiful location with the sunrise breaking over the flat waters of Cleveland Bay, stunning. After the service and post service activities (yes, may have involved some rum!), it was off to get ready for the march. This was along The Strand and was quite a pleasant wee stroll, enough time for twice through our five diferent brackets. A huge crowd lined the paths and the sound of the 12 pipers, 5 sides, three tenors and a bass was quite impressive.
Once the march and post march service was finished it was back to the RSL for a massive afternoon and I've attached the link for those who want to watch the slideshow. Fortunately for me there is only a slight left-rear view of my melon so you won't have to suffer through yet another frontal of a 'tattie'. After we'd done our thing it was time to go home and get changed for the Anzac Day Cowboys vs. Manly NRL match, which we won both in score and the fights - go Cowboys!!!! After the game it was back to the club for some celebrating and then, i believe it was away home for a long overdue snooze - all in all a very rewarding, if tiring, day.
Looking forward to next year joining you guys in the Adelaide march.
Cheers, Deano.

Anzac Day

Hi The video is recorded from the TV so sorry about poor quality. I have added a few pics from both Anzac parades.