Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Annual General Meeting - 26 April 2012: It is great to have the AGM out of the way and to have Steve taking up the role of Band Secretary. The follow-up to the adoption of the new constitution has proceeded with the new Public Officer’s name and Constitution being submitted to the SA Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.

Tenor and Bass Drum Purchase: We continue to await the arrival of these new drums. We have been advised that they are ‘in the pipeline’! I am sure that all of the mid-section players will appreciate the benefits that the new drums will bring to the band’s sound. We will need some volunteers, however, to lead Lis around, when the new bass is strapped on!!!

Music and Tunes – priorities: Members are reminded about the priorities set by Willie and David in relation to the competition sets. Members currently not playing these sets are asked to learn them as quickly as possible. The priorities are:

    a.   The Musical Selection – Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).

    b.   The #2 March Selection – Leaving Liverpool Set (4 tunes)

    c.    Added to this list now is the new MSR.
           We will be required to play the MSR from now on, in  place of the
           selection of marches at competitions. The 3 tunes are:

                March – Captain Norman Orr Ewing
                Strathspey – O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch
                Reel – Miss Girdle

Wearing Band Uniform at private engagements: Members are reminded that they require the approval of the Band Committee to wear any part of the Band uniform at private engagements. A letter requesting permission would be best and it needs to go to a committee meeting, so members need to get organised in advance. Any last minute requests could be considered by the committee at a band practice. Everyone’s co-operation on this matter is expected.

Social activities: Dates for 2 social events have been set. They are:

a. The CEPB Social Evening at the Elizabeth RSL – Saturday 4 August at the Elizabeth RSL.

b. The Band Christmas Party on Sunday 16 December 2012

Committee Meeting - The following matters were dealt with at the management committee meeting on Thursday 10th May 2012:

1. Band Sponsorship Proposal: Following the adoption of the Band Sponsorship proposal at the AGM, I will be preparing an action plan for implementation at the June Committee meeting. The action plan will consider a staged implementation of the sponsorship proposal and identify prospective sponsors.

2. Old Band Uniform: We have purchased large tubs to store the old uniform in. It is all for sale. Any members who want to purchase items should see me about that. They will be stored at Willies for the time being, so a visit to his home would be required for any fitting to take place.

3. Band Registration: The APBA registration is now due and it was resolved to pay it. The cost is around $450pa.

4. Nomination of New Members: with the adoption of the new constitution, the process for nominating members is slightly different. Nominations are now required in writing, and the nomination is considered by the Band Committee. I am sure that subsequent to that, new members will be welcomed in the band circle at a band practice. Steve is currently developing a new nomination form.

Jeff Seymour


PRESIDENT’S NEWSLETTER Number 6 (February 2012)

Uniform: Over the Christmas break, Nic Brown pursued the purchase of new plain Glengarries and brooches. A range of suppliers were contacted and the total purchase cost of these items was significantly less than initially expected. Thanks to Nic for her efforts and perseverance. David Pound and myself also investigated the remodelling of the leather sporrans. Discussions with 2 leatherworkers narrowed the range of options we had, as most would have proved too expensive. The leatherworker produced a sample which was photographed and circulated amongst the Management Committee for endorsement. The strap and buckle option was fairly inexpensive and was endorsed by most Band Management Committee members.

Mount Barker: The Band performed well at the Mt Barker Contest last Sunday 19 February. Members worked well toward the preparation and aspects of the results were encouraging. Members were well presented and punctual throughout the day. Thank you and well done to everyone for your efforts.

Olive Oil drive: The second round of the Auburn Olive Oil drive is being conducted during February and March. The arrangements are the same as the August drive.

The following matters were dealt with at the management committee meeting on Thursday night 23/2/2012:

Draft Constitution: Since the last special general meeting on the new constitution, the matter of band uniform and equipment was raised in relation to the constitution (there is a section on this in the current constitution). The committee approved the draft to go to the members at the special general meeting. The draft addition will be moved at a special general meeting that has been called for Thursday 1 March 2012 @ 9pm. The addition has been emailed to all Members.

Band Sponsorship Proposal: A Band Sponsorship proposal has been prepared. It has a multi level structure (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors). It is proposed to present this document at the April AGM for endorsement by members. It will be distributed with the other AGM business about 1 month before the AGM for member consideration.

Tenor and Bass Drum Purchase: The committee resolved last night to purchase 2 tenor drums and a bass drum. The City of Playford Grant will cover about half of the cost of their purchase. The new drums will improve the overall ensemble effect of our musical performance and provide opportunities to challenge our tenor players with opportunities for new and different scores.

Music and Tunes – priorities: Members are reminded about the priorities set by Willie and David in relation to the competition sets. Members currently not playing these sets are asked to learn them as quickly as possible. The priorities are:

        The Musical Selection – Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).

        The #2 March Selection – Leaving Liverpool Set (4 tunes).

      The learning of these tunes will become the focus of Band practice over the coming months. We will still endeavour to learn the 2/4 and 6/8 marches as well, but after these 2 settings!

Jeff Seymour


Sunday, May 6, 2012

A bit of history and a big thank you to Ray Jones

For those of you that don't know Ray Jones used to be the bass drummer before I came along. Even after retiring from the band due to ill health Ray's never been far away though - often a familiar face at both our practices and engagements.

I've had a quick look back through the photo archives for the band and I've found evidence of Ray being in the band as early as 1976 where he used to play the tenor and as late as 2007 on the bass (see the pictures below).

On behalf of the band I'd just like to offer Ray our thanks for his recent donation of $100 to the band.

Thanks very much Ray, and remember you're always welcome to come along and have a hit with us (I'll even hold the drum for you).