Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 State Championships at Tanunda

Well the 2010 State Pipe Band Championships have come and gone. The day turned out well reaching about 15C and being sunny for the most part. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the day and the contest ran very smoothly.

The band came in 2nd this year out of 5 bands competing. Overall a performance that we should be happy with as the band is clearly improving and getting many comments to that effect. The pipe corps came 1st on the day. Well done everyone!

It was good to have the Horsham Pipe Band competing this year.

I have attached the master sheet and a few photographs that Liz took. See the main website for more.

- Peter W

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adrian and Sandy's Reception

Recently a group of us "gate crashed" Adrian's wedding reception.
We waited until Adrian and Willie were playing Amazing Grace the second time through and marched in playing the tune. It was a TOTAL surprise! Attached is a thank you note and photo from Adrian and Sandy.

-Peter W

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tolkien - The Hornpipe

Bill Gall sent the the following today:


This tune comes from the pen of Tommy Jackson, last Pipe major of the Irish Ranger's and first Pipe Major of the Royal Irish Regiment. Tom is now retired from the military but continues to compose many nice wee tunes that is playable by all grades.
"The Tolkien" was inspired by 'Lord of the Rings' I believe.His friend and mentor was Pipe Major of the Army School of Piping, Pipe Major Robert Pinkman of the King's Own Scottish Borderers,who composed the well played reel "Itchy Fingers"He also has a catchyHornpipe/March called, 'Peel Avenue', which I'll dig out for you.

Bill Gall (Jock) Tea Gardens NSW

- Peter W