Wednesday, November 16, 2011

President’s Newsletter No 4 - 14 November 2011

  1. Draft of the New Band Constitution – Special General Meeting

All members should have received either an emailed copy OR a paper copy of the draft of the new Band Constitution by now. (please let me know if you have not received a copy)

  • There will be a Special General Meeting on Thursday 1 December 2011 @ 9pm to discuss the new constitution and any changes members would like us to consider making. It is important to remember that the draft is based on the example constitution for SA incorporated bodies. This is the only matter that can be dealt with at this special general meeting.
  • It is important that all members have read the draft constitution prior to this meeting.
  • Our aim is to thrash out the changes needed or wanted prior to the April 2012 AGM so that the Constitution can be adopted at that AGM meeting(without any additional changes).
  1. Uniform matters from the November Meeting
  • We are going to spend about $3,000 on various items of uniform over the next few months.
  • We will be purchasing new plain glengarries for all band members. All members will have their heads measured so that the order can be placed.
  • We will be purchasing new Glengarry badges/brooches for the new glengarries.
  • We will have 6 new hair sporran straps made to match the existing straps – these will be issued to members without the leather sporran straps.
  • We intend to have the black leather sporrans re-modelled. Members should bring their leather sporrans into Band practice over the next couple of practices and give them to Nic Brown.
  • A new kilt will be made for Jason Moore and Kathy Park’s kilt will be adjusted.

Thank you to Nic Brown for her report on uniform(both current status and future needs) and to all members who cooperated with the uniform audit process.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fundraiser – February 2012

The first extra virgin olive oil drive was successful, raising almost $500 for the band. Just a reminder to members, that a second drive will be started in February 2012 under the same arrangements as before. Delivery of the olive oil to customers would be in March 2012.

  1. Mt Barker Contest – 2012

We resolved to enter the Mt Barker Contest on Sunday 19th February 2012. Please put the date on your calendar/diary.

  1. Band Promotion Brochure

A band promotion brochure has been produced to be distributed to organisations within our community. The brochure aims to get us more engagements in 2012 and 2013.

  1. Financial position – 4 months into financial year(July to October inclusive)

Lis tabled a treasurer’s report at the last meeting. We are only progressing satisfactorily at the moment, financially. As at the end of October, Band receipts totalled $8,260.72 and Band expenditure totalled $3,235.00. It is noted that $5,000 came in from the sale of surplus Band Bagpipes. A number of members also have outstanding contributions for the Sept quarter ($25). The engagements coming up are mostly paid and so should bolster band finances.

  1. Future meetings

The next Band Management Committee(BMC) is scheduled for February 2012. There will be no BMC meeting in December due to the Special General Meeting being conducted.

  1. City of Playford Grant - $1,500

We were pleased to be advised that we were successful with the Grant application to the City of Playford Council. We will be purchasing a new Andante Bass Drum and metal harness and two Andante tenor drums. The grant will cover more than half the cost of the drums. We will need to contribute $1,161of band funds toward the purchase, based on the initial quote for the drums.

  1. More members needed for November and December engagements:

Members were asked at the last Band practice to advise their availability for upcoming engagements. There is no doubt that the next 4-6 weeks is our busiest period for engagement.

We need every member to make whatever sacrifices are required to make themselves available for all (or most) of the scheduled engagements. Numbers are low for a couple of the engagements!!!

Jeff Seymour