Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Mini Bands

Well done to everyone who participated in the Mini Bands and Solos on Sunday. Unfortunately with Liz not being able to make it the rest of us forgot to take photos, so text only.

Although we came third on the day, the contest was very tight with only one point separating first and last in piping, Scotch winning overall with their stronger drum corps. I thought we played well on the day and it was certainly a huge improvement from last year. We received very good comments from the judges both on our sheets and afterwards.

We had a strong contingent of solo performers with Willie, Andy, Jason, Terrance and myself competing in the piping and Claire competing in the drumming. Congratulations to Andy for his third place in the elem. piping (I hope you get your certificate this time!) and to Claire for her win in the sub inter drumming.

- update, I have a video from Claire's iPhone, it's only got a pinhead mic so the sound is not quite true but it's interesting.

- Peter W