Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Photos and Video from Kapunda

Some more photos and video from the street march, pubs and final performance at Kapunda. Thanks Leigh for the media.

It was a long day but well worth while as a social outing. There were a few gaffs during the day but overall the band gave a good account of itself.

This was Claire Brown's first time out with the band. Well done Claire!

Street march , pipers.
Street march, drummers.

The first pub was a bit crowded....
Start of the final performance.

- Peter W

More Tunes from Bill Gall

Bill Gall recently sent us the following. Thanks Bill!


P/Major Gordon Black was quite an easy going Pipe Major and well respected throughout the Regiment. The tune is an easy going wee jig as was Gordon. He passed away several years
ago. A good friend.

"Carrick-A-Rede", I'll never forget that bridge, My father drag me across it ,all you seen was a deep drop to the water below at 11years old I sh-- myself. (sorry about the grammar girls).

This extrodinary Officer was a wee man that could have come from a distant past in the Highland of Scotland, but what a soldier.

He retired shortly after 1988-9 to a lovely property in Scottsdale Tasmania, where he played his pipes in utter bliss. John had a lasting friendship with the famous Piping McLennan's in Scotland as well as Australia and his exploits were a wonder to listen to.

Bill Tea Gardens NSW

- Peter W

Bill Gall

We have had a lot of postings from Bill on our blog site (thanks for your support Bill) and a few people have been asking me who this Bill person is, so I though he needs a proper introduction.

Bill Gall was a member of our band back in the early 70's. He went on to a number of roles in the Australian Army including being the Pipe Major of a number of the pipe bands. I believe that he became the Senior Pipe Major in the Australian Army. Bill made a lot of friends in the piping world in his time many of these being the source of tunes which he sends to us from time to time.

I have asked Bill to give me a brief biography of his life and this is what he sent:


Here goes ; born 16 Oct 1948, Aberdeen (slums), moved to Bucksburn,Aberdeenshire attended Bankhead Academy. Started playing a cornet with Moggiemoss paper mill band(8)
First chanter experience, Bucksburn Pipe Band,(10)A. Rennie. Knuckles took
their first bashing at (GH) Bridge Of Don Barracks, Uncle was Colour Sargeant
Colin Kerr (GH) the strict P/Maj was R Anderson.(GH).1961 joined the Royal Navy
under age, moved to Australia, 1963,Enlisted ADF 1965. Did no piping until after
Vietnam(back to basics).

Moved to 3 RAR Woodside and decided to start again(1973), joined City of Elizabeth Pipe Band(CEPB) (1974-5) first major comp with CEPB Aust Championships Melbourne under P/major Jimmy Smith. Best productive year for CEPB , Paul Odeggard and I piped at 53 weddings plenty of funds and Hic! Hic! drinks. Went to Canada played for Eskimo and Blackfoot wedding at Churchill, (couild'nt eat seal fat)
After Artic and mounteering courses, climbed Mt Kent with a team to play pipes at the top, Canadian record. Played with P/Maj I. Grant 3 PPCLI reunion since Korea ceremony Victoria Island BC.Canada.(AUSTCAN Bond 1977).

Won on a coin flick with P/Maj Norm Degrussa OAM, moved to 2/4 RAR as P/Maj. 1989-1992. Went to PNG, Indonesia,Fiji and many other exotic places normal people would'nt go. Singleton next move as Senior P/Maj Instructor until 1998. Emergency reserve as P/Maj of the RACT pipes and Drums, finally gave the ADF away 2000.35 years was enought. Civvy Bands: CEPB, Townsville Highland, 42nd RQR, (Rockhampton QLD), Army Tattoo 1988, SUR, many bands,Etc Etc.Mentor through my early years P/Major Angus Massie Snr.(excellent tutor) and a fair man to boot.

Thats all folks !!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry about the spelling)

-Peter W

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Kapunda Celtic Festival

We had a great day playing at the Kapunda Celtic Festival on Sunday. Attached is a video of the street march that Leigh took. I'll add some more media in the coming days.

- Peter W

Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to New Member - Leigh Brown

Welcome to Leigh Brown who was voted in as a member last night. Leigh is a learner piper and will have his first experience playing in the Christmas Pageants this year.

Welcome to the band Leigh!

- Peter W

Friday, October 8, 2010

Record Attendance at Band Practice

Well done everybody! Last night we had 26 people at band practice which is a record attendance. This is an important achievement because regular attendance is the key to building and maintaining a successful band. It was great to see so many smiling faces!

Attached are some photos to record the occasion. Apologies to those who were missed by the photographer.

Also ... Welcome to Chris Boland who played with us for the first time last night. Chris is a learner piper who has just moved from the Gold Coast to Clare.

- Peter W

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to Claire Brown!

Welcome to our newest member of the band.

After seeing how much fun Mum and Dad were having learning new instruments with the band, Claire decided to join in too and began learning to play the tenor drum. While Mum and Dad are still learners, Claire was officially voted in as a member of the band last night.

Claire is now the youngest member of the band and will be making her debut performance with the rest of the band at the Kapunda Celtic Festival in mid October.

Well done Claire.