Friday, May 21, 2010

Scotch on Funniest Home Videos this Saturday 22 May 10

Just passing the message on for Matthew - and yes I do still have some sort of allegiance to Scotch! Liz

Dear all,

A video of the Scotch College Pipe Band, competing this year at Mount Barker when struck by a severe wind squall, is to be on Australia's Funniest Home Videos this Saturday evening (the show runs 6:30-7:30pm).

Please watch it, and vote for us - the weekly winner gets a $10,000 prize, so please vote early and vote often!

(Also, please pass this email on to everyone you know who might also be able to vote for us!)
Kind regards,

Matthew Stubbs
President, Scotch Old Collegians Pipe Band Inc

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello from Dean

G'day all, just thought I'd drop a quick line from the warm and sunny place I call home for the next three months! I just managed to get access to the band website and I've gotta say the band is looking magnificent these days. The new uniforms are so much smarter than the old ones it looks like there's about twenty years between when the photos were taken! Unfortunately my uniform here looks a little more drab but you get that when you go with practicality and necessity I guess.

I finally got onto the site here and when I saw all the photos and caught up with the news I thought I ought to try to contribute a little. I've tried to attach some picture of our dawn Service so I hope they travel through and open up ok. It was a little less elaborate and i woke up the next day a whole lot less tired and feeling worse for wear, but very moving and special to be part of. We had learned that morning of the deaths of three Kiwis in the tragic Iroquois accident in New Zealand and so things here were a little more emotional than they normally would've been. It was a very worthwhile experience playing here on that day and, as Craig and Andy Summers would know, the ramp ceremonies just seem to keep coming unfortunately.

Anyway, hope you're all still enjoying playing, I should be back around August but I'm not saying exactly in case I jinx myself. Take care and I'll see you all on my return.