Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Practice of the Year

Last night was the last practice for the year. Well done everyone we've had a great year. I look forward to continued growth and development of the band next year. Thanks also to those who have assisted the band over the past year, your help is greatly appreciated.

Here are some photos from last night.

- Peter W

Band Christmas Party

The band Christmas Party will be held at Harry Bowey reserve on Sunday starting at 4PM.

The band will provide hot chicken. We will set up a table for salads and desserts, Pipers please provide salads and Drummers please provide desserts. Please provide your own drinks.

We will play for about 15 min so bring your instruments.

Please bring your whole family and have a great time!

For location and parking please see the attached map. From the Main North Rd enter off of Malinya Drive.

- Peter W

A Special Tune for Claire Brown - From Bill Gall

Claire now has her own tune. Congratulations Claire and thank you Bill.
I think we might give this a go with the band!

It's always good to see the younger generation
willing to take up the P/D's challenge.Its a wee polka
for Ms Claire Brown.
Bill, Tea Gardens, NSW
-Peter W

Another Tune from Bill

Some of Bill's tunes have an intriguing background!

The original manuscript was stained with tea,
coffee maybe even a port or two. Anyway this is what
I salvaged.The pizza I did get and because I'm Scots/Aussie
and an Aberdonian I got it for FREE!!!!!!!!
Bill, Tea Gardens NSW
- Peter W