Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lost but still alive

I seems like an eternity since I last logged on.Many this have happened and sickness was at it's worse.Uncle Sam (USA) gave me a gift that haunted me since 1968.However I'm up and running again and seeking out another server.At this stage I'm on wireless broadband to tie me over, but be assured I'll be back.

Angus (snr).Sorry it's been so long since our last comms.Been busy with Clans on the Coast group and that book is going to be finished if it's the last thing I do.Kindest regards to Aunty Flora and all the Clan in CEPB. Bill Gall, Tea Gardens NSW

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Callum James Summers

Hi All,

I have some news, Tina gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby boy. Callum born 07/08/09 at 4:55pm, weighing 3.02kg, and he is 48cm long. Tina had a very quick labour and I mean quick.

Both Tina and Callum are doing just fine, they'll both be out of hospital on Tuesday.
Young Lachie has taken to the big brother as if he'd done it before, he's given Callum lots of hugs and constantly wants to nurse his little brother.

The Glengary you see Callum wearing was actually a gift for Lachie from his Great Grandfather to be used on Lachie's doll, but I found another use for it.

I hope everyone is well, and I'm sure Kath will keep you updated.



Monday, August 3, 2009

New website

Hi all,

Peter's been snooping around and already found the new website I've been working on. Unfortunately our old website (built by one or both of the Angus Massie's) will be closed down very soon. See the email I recently received:

Dear Google Page Creator User,

As was previously announced, Google will soon be discontinuing operation of the Google Page Creator product. We will be migrating your Page Creator sites over to Google Sites so that they continue to operate with no work on your part. However, we've identified you as using Google Page Creator to host files that Sites doesn't support. We are writing to inform you that, as part of this migration, if you take no action to address this, your hosted files will likely break. If they are important then we suggest you move them to a different hosting service.

Contrary to what was posted in the blog post, the shut down and migration of Google Page Creator has been extended and will begin in a few weeks.

Thank you for your patience during this migration.


The Google Sites Team

Unfortunately because of the way the original website was set up (standard html code hosted by google pages) the automatic transfer will not work so I've started working on the new website ( Eventually when the old website is shutdown any visits to it should be re-directed to the new website so hopefully there won't be too many problems during the changeover period.

I'm still working on it, so please let me know what works and doesn't work on your computer.


August Mini Band Competition

Well Done!

Our mini band on Sunday did themselves and the band proud by putting in a very good performance, certainly as good as anything we've achieved at practice recently, and also better than anything we're achieved in competition in the past few years. There were numerous remarks from the judges and spectators to the fact that the band playing has jumped ahead in recent months. Although we only played 4 pipers on the day these comments of course apply to the whole band. Plenty of incentive here to keep at it as this is just the beginning of our journey.

Special congratulations must be made to Jason as this was his first competition. Great effort Jason! And well done in the Solos too.

Liz has put some photos up on the web site (New site looking good Liz).

- Peter W