Saturday, April 26, 2008

Musings on the rest of the year

Just having a quick look at the programme for the rest of the year --- and hope to get a list of exactly who can help where out soon

Overall I expect that we will end with over 20 engagements this year, and as such need to do some sharing of the work load, especially with the mini-bands

So we have the following

2nd August is our own event, and am hoping everyone can make it. I think that the full band (ie 13 or 14 pipers) is too loud for the RSL hall but still want everyone to play. As such was thinking of playing just the marches plus Highland Cathedral for the first show (and have say 8 pipers), then swap out players and have the rest of groups 1 and 2 as the second show (again 8 pipers), and finally have a small group (perhaps up to a miniband) to play for some dances (eg Gay Gordons, Waltz, Strip the Willow). Also must make sure everyone in the band knows the latter dances so we can fill the dance floor.

Munno Para Caledonian have booked us for 13June, 5 Sept, 21 Nov, 31 Dec and also in March next year. At the moment Kathy and Peter are signed up for Hogmanay but would like to have say 5 pipers at each, and as such would like everyone in the main band to attend say two of these. How about we play groups 1 and 2 in June and December (ie allow most to volunteer), groups 2 and 3 in Sept (assume the senior group), groups 1 and 3 in November (allowing the rest to catch up and join in by then ... also can think of Jason/Nathan/Gordon helping out on the first performance) ... and perhaps groups 2 and 4 next March. However will speak to people before putting this schedule in place

Contests. We have the May Minis, a second probable Mini Band contest in mid winter and the Tanunda contest in Oct. Will aim to have a Mini Band with Creeks/ Blairbegg in May, and Piper of Dundee/ Orr Ewing at Tanunda and also the full band plus mini bands playing the extended Hiking Song Set / Leaving Liverpool.

Christmas. At the moment these are not confirmed but suspect will play with Scotch College in the main parade in the city (8th Nov), at Port Adelaide on the evening on 15 Nov, and Tanunda on Friday 7th Dec. Also will have Salisbury, Munno Para and Clare to fit in along the way. Would like to stick to 4 sets (Bonnie Galloway, Amazing Grace, Will you No' and Scotland Brave sets) for these parades, but again may have Blairbegg for Adelaide and may drop one of the other sets if needed to get others in. Will see.

Think thats enough for the moment ..... really just musings on the rest of the year


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