Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More about past members - Jimmy Barnes

Way before my time but it appears that Jimmy Barnes (yes that Jimmy Barnes!) was an early member of the band. I've read something about this before but today I came across this interview with Jimmy.

also this excerpt from an interview with someone else who played in the band with Jimmy (last interview):

"Music played a strong part in my life. I played in the City of Elizabeth Pipe Band from its inception with my father who was Pipe major. I played drums. It is interesting to mention here that Jimmy Barnes and his brothers were in the same band and we socialized with each other and it was Jimmy's brother John who taught me drums. My father taught them to play the bagpipes. Vietnam and conscription disrupted all that and it was many years before I returned to my art."

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Old Angus said...

It must be my age - but my first reaction was "Who is Jimmy Barnes"?