Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hi All,

Wow, you guys look and sound fantastic. Congrats to you all, a great new look.

Tina had her first march with City Newcastle RSL Pipes and Drums, unfortunately it rained on them. I stood off to the side and looked after the boys, and then played at the Newcastle Townhall and played during the Laying of the Wreaths.

I've attached a photo of Tina and Lachie.......David, take note of what Lachie is holding in his hand......Yes that's right.....a Chanter!


CEPB member said...

Lovely photo Tina and Lachie.
Tina, have you grown taller or have you done something with your hair?
Andrew, you should be ashamed of yourself - what lengths some parents go to. Must have cost you a fortune in lollies to get him to hold that!

Tanundapiper said...

Good to hear from you Andrew.

Looks like we got the better weather, it was a good day in SA. Good to see you both active in bands...don't forget to visit us someday!

Sensible kid that Lachie.

-Peter W