Friday, December 10, 2010

A Special Tune for Claire Brown - From Bill Gall

Claire now has her own tune. Congratulations Claire and thank you Bill.
I think we might give this a go with the band!

It's always good to see the younger generation
willing to take up the P/D's challenge.Its a wee polka
for Ms Claire Brown.
Bill, Tea Gardens, NSW
-Peter W


CEPB member said...

Bill, what an incredible thing to do. As parents we are very proud of what she has accompished.
Claire herself will comment a bit later, she is somewhat overwhelmed at the moment.

Again thankyou, I look forward to learning Claire's Polka.

Leigh Brown

CEPB member said...

Bill,thankyou so much, I was never expecting this and I cant wait to hear it.Thanks again.

Claire Brown