Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 State Championships at Mt. Barker

The Mt. Barker competition was held on Sunday. It didn't feel like Mt Barker at all as the day started off quite cool only really warming up in the late afternoon, I'd rather have this than the usual 40C+. This year the crowds seemed bigger also so maybe the public appreciated the better weather as well.

Overall the band came 3rd. The new medley was well remarked on by all the judges. The drum corps had a good day coming 1st. The pipe corps struggled on the day and came in 3rd. There were far too many errors and lots of bad blowing on the day. Looks like a lot of fun time at the chanter table ahead!

At this event we introduced two new players to competition. Well done Colin and Chris. For Chris it was also his first public performance so we really dropped him in the deep end!

The master sheet and a few photos taken by Liz are attached.


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