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President’s Newsletter No 3 – 14 October 2011

1. From the Band Management Committee meeting - 6 October 2011
Re. Band Review- Finance and Fundraising

The purpose of these President’s Newsletters is to keep the membership advised on the main matters discussed and decided at Band Management Committee meetings. This meeting dealt with Finances and Fundraising. There is a general view held within the committee that the Band needs to have revenue sufficient to meet the current expenditure needs of the Band. The Band should not simply run down the accumulated reserves.

Therefore, the CEPB has a need to generate more revenue to meet the expenditure needs of the Band.
• Fundraising - The view held by the Band Management Committee is that the best way to generate more revenue is to have more paid engagements. Suggestions to achieve this include: more active and direct promotion of the Band; direct approaches to councils, service clubs, sporting clubs and other organisation to include the band in their events; items and advertisements in newspapers like ‘The Messenger’; and establishing a facebook page to complement the website.
• Sponsorship - Another way to secure the band’s future finances is through sponsorship. Various options were discussed including a gold, silver and bronze level sponsorship deals. A discussion paper will be prepared by the President as a starting point for sponsorship discussions. You get nothing for nothing! So, we have to consider what we have to offer and what we are prepared to give in terms of appearances, etc to any potential sponsor. Some of our current supporter organisations could be approached to become a sponsor.
• Grants – opportunities for grants are very limited. We should apply for whatever and whenever we can.

2. Band Promotion Brochure

A basic draft had been prepared and distributed to committee members. This was discussed. It essentially:
• promotes the full band, mini-bands and Solo Pipers;
• promotes the special winter offer; and
• provides contact details for the band.
Some suggestions were incorporated and a more finished draft will now be produced, prior to any distribution.

3. Social Activities with other Bands

Craig Masson, in the last ‘The Piping Shrike’, challenged all Bands to get more social and to mix with each-other more. We discussed whether the current CEPB social activities, namely the mid-year social evening and the Christmas party could be opened up to visiting bands or similar. If a Band was invited to the social evening and accepted, we may have to alter the format of the night to accommodate their travel and other needs. For example, the night might start with a BBQ.
As a starting point, the Band Management Committee resolved to invite the eight Office Bearers of the SA Branch of the APBA to our Christmas Party on Sunday 11 December 2011.

4. Draft Constitution

Copies will be distributed to members soon. All members will be asked to provide an email account address to send the draft to, so as to reduce photocopying costs. Paper copies will be available upon request, for anyone without an email account.

5. Competition - Tanunda

The Pipe Band contest was held at the sports fields at Chateau Tanunda on Saturday 15th October.
The results for the CEPB were second place in both the mini-band contest and the full band contest. Some numbers and comments from the day are: 1st in piping and 2nd in drumming in F/B musical selection; 3rd(both piping and drumming) in F/B March selection; nice set of tunes; nice drone sound; a good performance from the drum corps; great tempo and march on; well controlled; sweet sound; many strong points throughout drumming. Well played with clean execution and good scores.

There are things that both the pipers and drummers need to work on to continue the band development. This work will be directed by Willie and David as P/M and D/S respectively. Well done to the four members(Nic, Claire, David and Leigh) who played in a competition for the first time and to the fifth(Aaron) who played in the full band competition for the first time. This performance sets a base-line to build on over the coming months.

Well done to everyone concerned for the effort they put into the preparation for the competition and on your efforts on the day.

Jeff Seymour

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