Wednesday, February 1, 2012

President’s Newsletter No 5 - 01 February 2012

  1. Auburn Olive Oil Fundraiser

The second of the Olive Oil Fundraising drives will be conducted during February and March 2012. Order forms will be distributed on Thursday 2 February and will be due back in the first week of March, with the distribution of oil happening the following week.

The arrangements are the same as the August drive. Members are reminded that the last drive raided almost $500 for the Band and it is hoped to at least match that figure this time.

  1. Music and Tunes – priorities

Members are reminded about the priorities set by Willie and David in relation to the competition sets. Members currently not playing these sets are asked to learn them as quickly as possible.

The priorities are:

  1. The Musical Selection – Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).
  2. The #2 March Selection – Leaving Liverpool Set (4 tunes)
  3. The #3 March Selection – Captain Norman Orr Ewing/ Major MacLellan
  1. 2012 Competitions and Tunes

The 2012 Competition Season dates have been distributed by the SA Branch of the APBA. Each has a variety of settings to be played in the various elements.

  • Mt Barker (19 February) Element 1 - Marches – #1 March Set -“Green Hills-Bonnie Galloway Set” ; Element 2 -Musical Selection - Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes)
  • Mini Band /Solo (20 May 2012) Element 1 – Street March Tunes (3 min): Band #1 will play the Leaving Liverpool Set and #2 Band will play the Bonnie Galloway Set. Element 2 is the Musical Selection - Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).
  • Mini Band and Solos (24 June 2012) Element 1 – selection of marches/different time signatures (3 tunes min)- “Green Hills ¾, Bonnie Galloway 4/4, Marie’s Wedding 2/4”. Element 2 – Musical Selection - Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).
  • Mini band and Solos (29 July 2012) Element 1- 2 x ¾ Marches – “Green Hills/ When the Battle’s O’er” and Element 2 – March/ Strathspey/Reel – Captain Norman Orr Ewing/ Over the Bows to Ballindalloch / The Linen Cap
  • Tanunda (Date TBA) – March Selection – TBA and Musical Selection - Glendarual Highlanders selection (5 tunes).
  1. Uniform – new items

Members will soon be issued with new Glengarries, new Glengarry brooches and the remodelled Sporrans. These will be issued as ‘blunt for sharp’ – ie you must return your old Glengarry before being issued with the new one. While the more tattered glengarries will be discarded, some of the returned items will form a back up supply. There will also be new leather belts for the hair sporrans that do not have them.

More modifications may be made to the leather sporran later if we can locate a suitable brooch that can be mounted on the sporran flap.

  1. Dates – meeting and other things

Please add the following to your diary/calendar:

Thursday 2 February Band Management Committee – POSTPONED – Mt Barker rehearsal

Sunday 19 February Mt Barker Contest

Thursday 23 February 9pm Band Management Committee Meeting

Thursday 1 March 9pm – Special General Meeting – Constitution draft – re

uniform and equipment to add.

Also request AGM business/written nominations(close 22/3/2012)

Thursday 22 March Final date for Band management committee position nominations and

AGM business/agenda items (1 month before AGM)

Thursday 5 April 9 pm Band Management Committee Meeting

(Easter 6-9 April)

Wednesday 25 April Anzac Day

Thursday 26 April 8.30pm CEPB Annual General Meeting

Thursday 3 May 9 pm Band Management Committee Meeting

Sunday 20 May Mini Band contest

Thursday 7 June 9 pm Band Management Committee Meeting

Sunday 24 June Mini Band Contest (Willie and David P absent)

Thursday 5 July 9 pm Band Management Committee Meeting

Sunday 29 July Mini Band Contest (Willie back 27 July)

Jeff Seymour


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