Sunday, August 3, 2008

some less formal pictures from the bands social evening

here are some of the less formal shots from last night .... also do have some video of the dancing that may add later:>



Old Angus said...

A special thanks to those tireless ladies who put in the hard yards to make it happen. Well done girls.

And Steve beavering away before and during the event should be heartily thanked.

Deano said...

At last we see the band is updating to a new type 'Glengarry/beanie' as modelled by Tatty 1 (Andy) and Tatty 4 (Terance). I dare say this one is Willie's input having at last seen the light!!! It matches the Royal Stewart so much better than that yuk poo blue he keeps on trying out.

Tae the Tatties, I expect tae see more o' the green in future issues here. Stay warm and keep up the good work, this band is growing out of control and it is great to see.

Wish I was there (well, there for the functions, band practices, then swiftly back here at least). All the best from Townsville, sunny and 27 again today.