Sunday, August 17, 2008

Worlds Pipe Band Championship Results.

The championship was held in Glasgow Green yesterday (Saturday 16th August).

The first three bands were:

1. Simon Fraser University (Canada)
2. Field Marshall Montgomery (Ireland)
3. Shotts and Dykehead (Scotland).

Old Angus


Deano said...

I don't know if it's just me, but this is getting a bit like the SPL with the winners being either Celtic or Rangers all the time.
Would I be right in suggesting tha these bands seem to gain there own 'rolling mass' of sorts, the more succesful they are the more they acheive? Is this due to them attracting the players, sponsors, supporters to enable the members to spend the extraordinary amount of training time required to perform at this level?
You can but imagine the hours spent getting all the aspects of this piping business just so in order to achieve the standard these guys must be at.
If I sound envious, it's only because I am - athough it looks like I may be able to play in a demi-official role with the 2nd Bn. Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) pipes and drums up here as a uniformed member! Is that PM Bill's old regiment? Looking forward to it very much too if it comes about as I will be able to dedicate more time (as in the governement's, not just mine) to practice and playing and who wouldn't wanna do that?!

Old Angus said...

Yes indeed. The dedication required to get to the top level is almost unbelievable.

It is worth noting that "The Band Club" from Australia, came 14th in Grade 1, which is a magnificent achievement since they were in Grade 2 only last year. There must be a lot of pride in knowing that you are in the top 14 pipe bands in the entire world.