Sunday, September 14, 2008

After the Drill practice

There are various styles of Pipe Band Drill, and for us it's really as simple as what Marshall decides is what we do.

Today he focused on the most common mace signals, countermarching, getting into 2's, reforming the band formation and gate wheels. Am sure he will introduce other elements in due course, but think that was all the band could cope with in one day :>

However, the real point of this entry is to say that so far Marshall is sticking to the normal Australian Pipe Band Association drill manual, and if anyone would like to see a copy it's available on the web at . Looking at this may remind you of the mace signals and some people prefer to see things written in order to understand what we are trying to do.

There are also various other manuals available from the same web site, but to see them you can either go to or you can go exploring via the links on the band's web page


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