Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas isn't that far away, and there has been some pressure within the band to add something to our repertoire for use in the pageants. Well the most common tune locally is Jingle Bells but its been overplayed for many years and I don't really think it sounds that good on the Pipes anyway.

So, instead of that I have scribbled out "Oh Christmas Tree". We tried it out last week and sounds good, but for those who aren't around at the moment you can download the music from this link


PS and of course should give the background. O Tannenbaum is an old German tune, and the first version of the lyrics goes back to 1550. The tune is also used by the UK Labor party for their song -- in this version its called the Red Flag and uses words penned in 1889 by Jim Connell

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