Thursday, October 9, 2008

Books of Interest

During my career serving under the Queen's and Regimental Colours I have read and collected some interesting reference books which I used at the Pipes and Drums School, School of Infantry, Singleton, NSW. I would like to share some of the titles with you should you be interested to purchase. The books are;

"The Highland Bagpipe and its Music", (new edition), by Roderick D. Cannon;
"Pipers", (a guide to the players and music of the Highland Bagpipe), by William Donaldson;
"The Piper in Peace and War", by C.A. Malcolm;
"Uniforms and History of Scottish Regiments", by Major R.M. Barnes.

And if you fancy tales of Jacobites, Clans and Pipers then , Stuart McHardy has a fine collection worth reading these are;
"The Silver Chanter", (pipers' tales); "The Well of Heads", (tales of Scottish Clans); and "The White Cockade", (Jacobite tales).

In Roderick Cannon's book "The Highland Bagpipe" he mentions that some years ago (1973), Thomas Pearston, a well-known piper and teacher, put forward an interesting list of the feelings associated with different notes. These are;

low G the loudest note;the note of the Gathering;
low A the piper's note;
B the chiming note, or note of challenge,
C the most musical note,
D the angry note, the note of battle,
E the echoing note,
F the note of love. Look out ladies, if he plays around the house playing only the F note,
high G the note of sorrow or lament, and
high A like low A, the piper's note.

I have experimented using this list when writing music. Angus (Snr) can comment on that. It's worth trying.

From the coast of NSW, Tea Gardens Bill


Old Angus said...

It should be noted that Pearston's analysis regarding the "feelings" associated with notes was aimed at the classical music of the bagpipe - i.e. piobaireachd.

CEPB member said...

Hi Bill
does this mean you are selling the books, iam very interested in 2 of them, Piper in peace and war, and uniforms of the Scottish regiments, by the way both my parents send their hello's, Sandy & Christian Thomson
Regards Andy T

Deano said...

Likewise Bill, very interested in having a look at "The Silver Chanter" at the very least. As wi' Tattie here, "The Piper in Peace an War" would be a greatly interesting read for me.
Very interested in finding out more as to availability of these books, standing by for more info when you can.
Cheers from a very wet NQ!!