Thursday, October 2, 2008

Notes from Military Customs and Traditions

Tune: "Dumbarton's Drums". During the period 1678 to 1704 pipers were officially placed on establishment in the Army and the Regimental March of Charles 1, known as "Dumbarton's Drums" was played. This tune dates back from the Colonelcy of Colonel Dumbarton, Earl of Dartmouton, during 1678 to 1684. It's interesting to note that the Seventeenth Century version is still played today and is the Regimental Quick March of Britain's Senior Infantry Regiment, "The Royal Scots" (The Royal Regiment).

Tiger and Leopard skins, so beloved by bass and tenor drummers had their origin among coloured performers of the day. The Drum Major also was adorned, and at one period something of a dancing devil in the centre of tremendous percussion din. I couldn't see Marshall as a period boot scooter.

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