Saturday, December 20, 2008


To All,

Tina, Lachie and I would just like to pass on our thanks to everyone for making our time in the Band a memorable and enjoyable time.
Angus Snr, I'd like to say thankyou so much for teaching me, thanks for your patience and time, you are definitely an excellent teacher. I wish both you and Flora well.
To Angus Jnr, Peter and Willie, thankyou all for teaching me, and assisting me with my Pipes and taking the time to pass on your knowledge and skills. It is greatly appreciated.
When I left my Squadron my Senior Engineering Officer gave me a lot of praise regarding my Piping over in the Middle East and here at home at the Dining in Nights we have here. He said that I introduced something new to the squadron that they had never seen before and commented on how uplifting, and morale boosting it was.
I would not have been able to achieve this if it wasn't for all you people teaching me.

Tina wanted to say to David, Ray, Marshall, Isobel, Steve, Liz, Deanne & Ted (who hopefully will read this!) thank you. I've learnt so much from you all, but more important to me has been the friendships - I wouldn't have enjoyed my time in the band as much if not for the very people who made it welcoming, and I'm sure that all new members will feel the same way I felt - that being part of the drum corps was like being part of family. I can only hope that the next band will be half as good as the CEPB.

So in closing, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Also we wish you all the best for next year's competitions and engagements.
We will stay in contact and let you all know how we are progressing in our new band, via the Blog.

All the best,

Tina, Lachie and Andy.


Tanundapiper said...

Thanks for all your kind words. Have a great time at your new posting. Please do find a new band, being part of a band is a great way to keep the family together with a common interest.

Of course when you've finished with that posting we want you back!

All the best

Old Angus said...

As the Scots would say:

"Happy to meet, sorry to part, and happy to meet again."

Keep smiling

angus said...

Really has been great having you both in the band.

Wish all the best for the future both in the pipe band scene and in your life overall.

Let us know how things are going, and look forward to whenever our paths cross again