Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Photos

Piping up to Norton Hall!

That's what i call a Turkey.

Piping at the front of Norton Hall. Kate's parents' apartments, are the top 5 windows, to the left of the photo. It truly is a scene from Agatha Christie. I'll constantly update.

Regards Andy T


Old Angus said...

Well done Andrew. Keep the pictures coming .....

We trust the three of you will have a great holiday. Temperatures here are forecast to be in the mid 20's for the next few days, so you are perfectly entitled to be jealous !

Tanundapiper said...

What a monster, you're going to be tired soon of turkey sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

great pics Andy, you and your family have a great holiday and a fantasic Hogmany.

Andrew & Tina

Anonymous said...

....yes, but which one is the bigger turkey?