Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year from Yorkshire

Piping into the foyer, New Year's Eve

Piping in the Entrance Hall at Norton Hall

The Thomson Family walking the grounds of Graves Park, where we are living is in the grounds. It's vvv cold!

Norton Hall. You can see the top 5 windows, where we are living, also St James church founded in 1150 - there's some history.

Piping at midnight.

I piped last night. I was piping down the stairs, then down in the foyer, and people were appearing from all the apartments.
There were about 50 or so people in the entrance hall. I think some people were amazed, an Australian, was piping Scottish tunes in Sheffield!
It went down extremely well. I played Auld Lang Syne. Outside it was -4Deg, but my pipes were sounding fine; once again tuning is very different.

A little background on Norton Hall-
The Hall was built around the 1810, by the Shore family.
Around 1850 Charles Cammell bought the estate. He owned a Sheffield steel works, and as some of us know Sheffield steel is very famous.
It has had various owners since then and has also been a Hospital in that time.
Recently it was converted and updated into apartments. They are very modern and spectacular inside. They have heated floors, which is great. Being in the top floor is great as the views are wonderful.

On Wednesday Aimee and myself head to my ancestral homeland, Aberdeen Scotland. We look forward to seeing family. I look forward to seeing all the granite, as it reminds me of my Dad.

Angus snr and Flora, I'll post pics from Aberdeen, just to let you both know it's still the 2nd best city - No1 is Elizabeth of course!

Liz, great work on the dance floor mate. I enjoyed the photos from the Munno Para Caley show. Ray great to see you getting better.

Regards - Andy T

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Tanundapiper said...

Andy - Looks like you're having a great time. Winter was always my favourite time of the year. Happy New Year to you and the family.
The Whiteheads