Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News from Craig Dawson

Craig and I have been exchanging a few emails recently and Craig asked me to post an update from him as to what he's up to. Craig should be back in about a month's time.

Peter W

From Craig,

"While over here here, I managed to drop in on the local pipe band with my pipes (edited by blog administrator to remove reference to location). I took my camera along too, but I actually forgot about it until after I had left. They play a couple of really nice sets and there are a few tunes that we play in common albeit with a couple of different settings. Liberton Polka was a bit of an eye opener. The Pipe Major has offered to send me their repertoire via email so I'll bring it in to band when I get home and print it up.

Things here have been incredibly busy as you would expect. I have been involved in quite a few ramp ceremonies both for the Canadians and memorials for the recent Australian losses. I have another one tomorrow. The weather, again as expected, has been fantastic. I love the hot weather; except for when I have to play pipes in it! My chanter pitches anywhere from 474 to 480hz depending on the humidity and temperature. Luckily though I have taught one of my colleagues how to use a tuner, so the whole process is sped up considerably. My time here is flying in. It certainly does not feel like I have already been away for two and a half months! Only about a month to go however and I'm sure things will soon feel like they are slowing down as happens when you get closer to going home.

Please pass on my regards to the Tatties and everyone at band as well as to the family.
Take care,

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