Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big, Bold and Brassy

The BBB event on Tuesday night was a great success. I was speaking to the organiser today and he was very happy with the event overall and our band's performance in particular. They were expecting 500 guests and they actually had 570 plus the various bands people and dancers.

Our performance was very well received with the crowd really getting involved and I was proud to lead such a performance on the night. We did well and everyone involved should be congratulated.

Our performance of course was not perfect (we're not a grade 1 band) and some of the issues we've been working on are not completely ironed out yet but we're certainly moving in the right direction.

Again, well done and keep it up!

Liz has posted some photos on the web site.

- Peter W


CEPB member said...

That's great news Peter, congrats to all those who attended. Had a look at the pics on the website, looked great. What sets did you guys play, if you don't mind me asking?


p.s. Hey Willie, I've learnt The Gael. Was thinking of ya when they were teaching me this tune, I absolutely love it.

Tanundapiper said...

Hi Andrew,

We played twice once at 19:40 where we played program 1 and again at 22:40 when we played program 2.

Apparently a couple of people were given our contact details so we may have some repeat business in the Barossa!

- Peter W

CEPB member said...

Brilliant, that's great news. Last Friday night I played at my first engagement with City of Newcastle RSL Pipes and Drums. Was a street march at 9pm, for the Greek Easter Friday procession. It was certainly different, who would've thought the Greeks would love the Pipes. It was great, had a good time.


Tanundapiper said...

Well done Andrew, I'm happy to see you're in a band again. I find it's so much easier to to find the enthusiasm to practice and achieve something when you're part of a group.

In the Anzac Day March we are always with the French, Greeks etc. and they love the pipes. Good taste.

-Peter W