Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lost but still alive

I seems like an eternity since I last logged on.Many this have happened and sickness was at it's worse.Uncle Sam (USA) gave me a gift that haunted me since 1968.However I'm up and running again and seeking out another server.At this stage I'm on wireless broadband to tie me over, but be assured I'll be back.

Angus (snr).Sorry it's been so long since our last comms.Been busy with Clans on the Coast group and that book is going to be finished if it's the last thing I do.Kindest regards to Aunty Flora and all the Clan in CEPB. Bill Gall, Tea Gardens NSW

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Tanundapiper said...

Sorry to hear about your illness Bill but it's good to here from you again, we missed your interesting and informative posts. Hope ho see more posts soon.

-Peter W