Saturday, August 8, 2009

Callum James Summers

Hi All,

I have some news, Tina gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby boy. Callum born 07/08/09 at 4:55pm, weighing 3.02kg, and he is 48cm long. Tina had a very quick labour and I mean quick.

Both Tina and Callum are doing just fine, they'll both be out of hospital on Tuesday.
Young Lachie has taken to the big brother as if he'd done it before, he's given Callum lots of hugs and constantly wants to nurse his little brother.

The Glengary you see Callum wearing was actually a gift for Lachie from his Great Grandfather to be used on Lachie's doll, but I found another use for it.

I hope everyone is well, and I'm sure Kath will keep you updated.




City of Elizabeth Pipe Band said...

Congratulations Tina and Andrew! He looks so cute and by the looks of it Lachie's going to be a great big brother. Liz

Tanundapiper said...

Excellent news!
Callum James .... a fine name for a PIPER.

- Peter W

CEPB member said...

Well done Tina - another fine DRUMMER no doubt.Will be forwarding the sticks shortly. Congratulations to all the Summers clan - keep the photos coming.

David & Lesley xx