Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Band Social Evening

Just a quick note regarding the social evening held at the Elizabeth RSL on Saturday, 17 July. I think everyone who attended seemed to be enjoying themselves, which was the whole idea - just a relaxing evening for band members, and an opportunity for family and friends to see the band play a few tunes. We have a few new members who played with the band in a public setting for the first time, so it was a fairly low key introduction without too many nervous moments. Although it wasn't intended as a fund raising event, the coin toss and raffles raised a few hundred dollars, which will certainly be put to good use. I'd like to thank Kathy for printing and selling the tickets, and working with Steve to sort out the raffle prizes. Steve also did a great job as compere on the night, assisted by Nicola. Kathy and Lesley also did an excellent job of setting up the hall during the afternoon, and selling raffle tickets during the evening. Jason also 'conned' a few dollars with his cash prize raffle. So, thanks to those people for your help. I look forward to the next social evening.

David Pound


Tanundapiper said...

Couldn't agree more. It was a good social night. Lot's of people all enjoying themselves. I was also quite pleased with the sound of the band on the night.

Well done everyone!

-Peter W

City of Elizabeth Pipe Band said...

I agree, it was a great relaxed evening!

I've finally got around to putting up some photos from the evening on the band website in case anyone's interested.

Click here to see the photos!