Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kitty Litter in a Tray

It's a pity that a $300.00 odd pipe bag
suffers in the long term.I used a canmore for over
twelve years and it gave up as I was playing the Wedding march.
I paid over $300.00 for my zip bag and didn't put the kitty litter
system in. Minus 4 below, maybe.

Where I live it gets cold and I've had no problems with moisture, $300
is hard on the pocket unless you've got good sponor's. Once bitten , Twice shy.

Bill fae Tea Gardens, NSW

1 comment:

Tanundapiper said...

Piping is getting to be an expensive business these days with all the gadgets etc. What about going back to a leather bag if moisture isn't a problem?

-Peter W