Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Tunes from Bill Gall

Bill Gall recently sent us the following. Thanks Bill!


P/Major Gordon Black was quite an easy going Pipe Major and well respected throughout the Regiment. The tune is an easy going wee jig as was Gordon. He passed away several years
ago. A good friend.

"Carrick-A-Rede", I'll never forget that bridge, My father drag me across it ,all you seen was a deep drop to the water below at 11years old I sh-- myself. (sorry about the grammar girls).

This extrodinary Officer was a wee man that could have come from a distant past in the Highland of Scotland, but what a soldier.

He retired shortly after 1988-9 to a lovely property in Scottsdale Tasmania, where he played his pipes in utter bliss. John had a lasting friendship with the famous Piping McLennan's in Scotland as well as Australia and his exploits were a wonder to listen to.

Bill Tea Gardens NSW

- Peter W

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