Wednesday, June 11, 2008

City of Elizabeth & Scotch College Pipe Bands

With the last picture of both bands together, now could be the appropriate time for Angus Snr or Jnr, to explain to those in our band, who do not know the connection.
I'm sure some of our younger brigade wonder why on ANZAC Day and the Christmas Pageant, both bands join ranks.
Take it away Angus's.

Andy T

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Old Angus said...

The picture tells part of the story. In the combined group there are four pipers representing three generations of Massie's - old Angus, young Angus, Malcolm and Campbell.

Also we decided early on that in a world where membership numbers fluctuate widely from year to year (especially with kids leaving school etc) and new players making their debut that a combined group could present a much brighter prospect of a decent performance.

Thirdly, Malcolm is basically CEPB trained, although he played many years in New Zealand with the Invercargill Pipe Band, so our choice of tunes and settings still have a lot in common.

In other words - a win-win situation all round.