Sunday, June 8, 2008

Elizabeth Birthday Celebration's 1977

I found this photo, in the same book mentioned in the earlier post. I am sure this is not in the archives.

For those of us brought up in Elizabeth, it was always a big highlight on the calender, something I looked forward to each year. I'm not sure if there are any celebrations anymore.

Can we all see our P/M in the photo?

Andy T


Tanundapiper said...

We did a few of those, usually in the pouring rain! Sadly Elizabeth lives on only in the name of a number of suburbs of Playford now, although we did play at the Golden Jubilee celebration in 2005.


Old Angus said...

Good one Andrew.

The front row (L to R) shows Paul Odegaard, Malcolm Massie, Richard Fielder, and Old Angus hidden by the Drum Major John Odegaard.

Behind Paul is Bill Gall (speak of the devil !!!), and I also recognise Andrew Saj, Jim Cottnam. young Angus, and Stephen Bryant.
The youngster behind Malcolm I think is young Mcgaughey, but I am unsure.

Member said...

Why have the pipers got different hose?
Andy T

Deano said...

Boy that photo takes me back, I remember well the sound of the pipes and drums when I was just a wee lad walking along with the band.

It was then I knew I had to take up the pipes - took a few years though.

Andy's question sparked a question of my own too. Not the hose, but why do the pipers where the plain Glengarry and the drummers wear the diced one? I read once about diced Glengarrys being for "loyalists" but don't know how this all pans out with the difference.