Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lachie's Drum Salute

This is evidence that anyone can bang on a piece of pig skin!

Tina reckons the talent runs in the family!

Angus, I've tried everything, but Tina keeps influencing him!


Old Angus said...

Surely this is a simple case of child neglect !!!!

Tanundapiper said...

Another one heading for a life on the dark side!

Anonymous said...

Relax. With any luck he will grow out of it !

angus Jn said...

OK, I see that he's playing with a drum, but at least he is wearing a pipers Glengarry.

Perhaps means that his head is in the right place after all ;>

Deano said...

mmmm, how old's Lachie now? Just goes to show, anyone can be a drummer!!
Andy, I expect ye tae work on the transition (to piping) before September when we get back for a wee visit.

Member said...

You need to have rhythm first before you can blow in the bag.

Kath & Col.

Anonymous said...

He's 21 months and a STAR! He's a typical drummer, takes the chanter from his daddy to rub into the dirt!