Monday, June 30, 2008

Scotch and Beltane

Here are some links that may be of interest to some

First this one will take you to the Scotch College European trip where you can see what they are up to.

And then there is Karina. Think that most of the band knows that she plays in an alternative music group. It's called Beltane and this link gets you to their web page. You can find some examples of their music to listen to --- and though I am too old fashioned (aka too old) to really appreciate it I must say it's professionally done and has an interesting sound. Also if you look at the news section on the web page you will find that a couple of Karina's songs have ended up on a commercial CD in Europe.

12-April-2008 Karina Eames Featured on the new Sin Masters CD. Sin Masters from Finland have a new CD out 'Innocence Lost'. The two songs Crashing Down, and Whiplash, are songs Karina wrote the lyrics for. For more information go to



Tanundapiper said...

What Scotch is doing is great! So next year our band is going?

Old Angus said...

The talent in our Band continually amazes me.

Andy The Tattie said...

You really are a Witchy Poo, when are we going to hear some pipes on one of you're tracks
like the my space site
Good work Karina!