Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Interesting Old Photo

Following on with the theme of old photos, here is one I downloaded a few years back. The caption was:

"My local instructor Ken MacLeod (on far right of photo) was PM of the Lovat Scouts TA Pipe Band in the early 1950's.  Here is a photo of him on a course (not the PM's course though) at the Army School of Piping being taught by Captain John Maclellan."

It's interesting that in regard to uniform you read so much about what must be worn with what etc. Especially sporrans (day sporrans, dress, horsehair etc.). Look at what this group of experienced pipers are wearing (everything imaginable).

It would be interesting to know all the names and affiliations of those present.

- Peter

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Old Angus said...

It's a wee bit hard to be sure, but I think that the third piper from the left facing the camera is Davie Duncan, an Aberdeen shoemaker and long-time Pipe Major of the well known Bucksburn and District Pipe Band in Aberdeen. He was also a tireless supporter and tutor of an Aberdeen Boys' Brigade pipe band.

I visited him in his shop some years ago and came away with a superb leather bag he had made.

I am sure he is sorely missed in the North-East piping scene.