Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well here's a quick peek at the two levels of dress I am accustomed to in my lifestyle in far north Queensland.

The first is a glimpse of the kids fishing on Cape Pallarenda just on the northern beaches of Townsville looking south-east back towards town, Castle Hill in the background. Piping link? Well it's a 'craggy' old thing, looks as if parts of it have 'tumbled-down' over the years - and it's a 'Castle' of course!!! Besides, the photo gives a nice idea of how we spend some of our downtime up here. Incidentally, this picture was taken about fifteen minute's drive from our house in Kirwan.

The second is about as formal as it gets......up this far north at least. It's a picture of me post ANZAC Day service, 2008 in Cooktown (or for Willie, Cooktoon). The uniform (tartan bit at least), hasn't changed much at all as you'll notice, even the Glengarry has the same badge. The day was typically splendid for this part of the world and I was lucky to have been allowed to play Floo'rs O' The Forest for over twenty minutes in 32 degree temperatures for the wreathlaying! Was a tad thirsty after that I can tell you. Fortunately the locals were very grateful for the efforts and were all too ready to assist me replenishing my fluids and electrolytes at little (read zero) cost to myself! The only thing that could be called a downside, and it wasn't at all as I did it back there frequently, was the amount of requests for various tunes back at the RSL - I didn't really stop all afternoon, aye, t'was braw! There was the odd bit of SMS correspondence between Andy Tatty and Willie Tatty and myself too throughout the day and that was almost like being there. There's a few more pictures from the day but I have those on my phone and I'm having trouble getting them downloaded, so perhaps another day.

Anyway, as I say, my first effort and I'll try again with any more that may be of interest. Stay safe and keep up the great work, keep contributing to this blog, it's an excellent innovation and is getting to be huge! Cheers all from the Townsville Clan!
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Old Angus said...

Well done Dean.

And I love those pink and blue fishing rods !!!