Monday, July 21, 2008

Piping Seminar

Dear Pipe Majors,

I have been provided with emails for most Pipe Majors, those who I do not have are sent to band secretaries with the assumption that they will pass on the details.

As you are probably aware, there is a seminar planned for 3rd August at Scotch College. Merran and Donald Blair will be addressing senior pipers and showing them the methods they use to teach in their very successful program. The Warnambool band has a high turnover of young people due to their country location and they regularly appear in the re-grading lists. They range from grade 3 or 4 during rebuilding periods and grade 2 when they have managed to keep people. Their ex players appear in many grade 1 and 2 bands. I urge you not to miss this. I will also arrange a demonstration on tuning and refining a bagpipe.

A second room will be run independently which will provide tuition by Donald and Merran with some assistance for learners, and elementary standard players. This is a good chance for your learners to get a different voice reinforcing good technique and musicianship.

I cannot emphasise enough how important these seminars are. They give us an up to date view of how things are done elsewhere, some fresh ideas, and hopefully some enthusiasm and interaction.

Please respond to Christine Gordon as soon as possible with numbers attending, and I hope that you will make a huge effort so that more of these can be run in the future.


Brett Tidswell

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