Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ancient History

My very first pipe band. Just look for the best-looking youngster in the picture and you will have found me !

This was a boys band in Aberdeen in 1946 - just after the end of World War II. My brother Douglas had been a drummer in the band, but was killed during the war in a shooting accident on the rifle range, aged 15 years.

Sadly, most of the players have passed on, but I still keep in regular touch with one of them by Email.

Incidentally, more than a few of the tunes and settings currently in our repertoire have their origins in this group !

Old Angus


Anonymous said...

Goodness ! That must have been before synthetic bags and plastic drone reeds .....

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they had cameras back then,to take the photo!!

Andrew S

Deano said...

....and you've gotta love those rope tensioned drums!!!
By the way, the good looking rooster is farthest right, right?

Old Angus said...

Wrong spy Dean !!!

He is actually third from the left.